The Sea, me and six lines.

Stronger, stronger my dear Sea
For you are the essence of liberty
My soul is as wild
My spirit as free
My heart as untamable
As you, my dear Sea

Today’s reverie inspired by my healer – the Sea.



Dynamite, animals and the hard to let go.

Oil – 50 x 30 cms – Commissioned

I’ve always been obsessed with all animals, by their strength and their beauty. By their intuition. I’ve always felt they can read people and that they behave according to those around them. Their purity is overwhelming. Like children’s. 

I have a soft spot for horses and dolphins. They’re so strong yet graceful at the same time.

I find it very hard to separate from each and every painting I paint. It feels as if I’m giving away a part of me. Dynamite was no exception. After 3 weeks of studying him I knew I would miss him. This portrait was commissioned by his owner, Gianni. He’s very proud of his Dynamite, winner of many races.

Dynamite 50 x 30 cms – oil