Art, me and the connection.

Art is one of the few things I cannot feel complete without. A huge part of me. It helps me express myself when words fail me. I’ve been painting for as long as I can remember.

Here are very few pictures of some art I’ve made in the past. Unfortunately I don’t have   pictures of most of the art I have made in my life because unlike today a camera wasn’t always that available. As you can see the from the resolution, the camera used then wasn’t that good either.


Some pencil sketches done during teenage years.



Commissioned – Portrait of an adorable two-week old baby. This painting was more than 1.5 mtrs wide.
Boat in watercolours
Commissioned – Oil


Two of 13 Lighthouse paintings I’ve painted in 2013 for a solo exhibition.


Last oil painting of 2015 – I wanted this one to look like an old picture.

Music, Beethoven and emotions.

Oil–90cms x 50 cms

The muse behind this painting – Beethoven’s quote:

“Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend.”

I was asked to do a modern painting on music, other than that I was allowed to express it any way I wanted. The black rectangles represent perspective (even metaphorically)  but also the piano keys. Today everything is being done digitally but the very best of music was composed on this wonderful instrument, it just had to be there in some form. The figures also represent some of the emotions which music evokes.

Music – Oil



The passion, the solace and the paintbrush

Here is a commissioned painting I have painted last year. I love seeing happy children so I have a soft spot for this one. My favourite medium is oil and I always use this medium unless otherwise requested. Even though other mediums are getting better, for me nothing replaces the vivacity that oil colours evoke.

kids painting bookreveries.jpg
The passion, the solace and the paintbrush.