For Esme with love and squalor, wit and imagination.

Just when I thought I couldn’t like Salinger more! This particular book is a collection of short stories, the title being one of them and a very good one at that. What a great read! A feast of tragicomedies spiced up with wit and imagination. Each story made me laugh, made me feel compassion towards certain characters and made me wonder.  Even on Salinger himself. To think that he came up with all of this! Seriously Salinger was one clever man; the kind you would want to talk to for hours on end and then be amazed at the mind-blowing conversations you just had with him! Highly recommend this gem.



Silas Marner, what people think and what really matters.

Silas Marner was a lonely, quiet, good man who was still judged wrongly even if all he did in his life was minding his own business. Having to leave the town where he was born because of false accusations, he still found people misjudging him in Raveloe. If that wasn’t enough he was robbed of all the money he made from his honest work as a weaver and that was when Silas thought nothing mattered anymore. He kept on working and felt as if life had no meaning, until he found a two-year old girl wandering alone after her mother froze to death. He decides to raise the child, Eppie, as his own and as the years go by this earns him much respect from all at Raveloe. Years pass, Eppie is now eighteen and she and Silas could not be happier. Both feel very grateful of being into each other’s lives. Things are questioned when after many years her real father comes to claim her and also the money once robbed from Silas is found, and we soon get to see what really mattered for both Silas and Eppie… Another one by Eliot that will stay with me. Hers are genial studies of different people and how they affect each other and this in the form of great novels. Slow read for me but only because I end up lost in reveries caused by her thought-provoking reasoning. Such a heart-warming read this was, mostly because it gave me fond memories of my father and also because I pretty much believe and live in the sense behind it. I came to a point where I do good and don’t think of how it’s perceived because we all perceive differently anyway. At least good is done. I also believe that it’s not the blood that makes a family but the way we care and love. The lightest novel from Eliot and in my opinion the best one to start with if you want to experience her writing.