The life, the chaos and the rebellion.

As time goes by the need to paint and read becomes stronger and stronger. In such a busy life such things become a real luxury. There is nothing more precious than what heals you. I try to slow down as much as I can. I rebel at anything that tries to stop me. I read whilst preparing breakfast or cooking, on lunch breaks, whilst waiting for appointments and mostly late at night. I do my best to read a book a week. When it comes to painting I need more time than just spare minutes but I paint every chance I get on weekends; if it’s a commissioned job, I sacrifice some reading time. Hard work but it’s what keeps the sense in all the chaos… I painted this whilst listening to my all-time favourite pianist/composer – Rachmaninoff. Ironically rough seas calm me down and that’s what I love to paint when I need to unwind. Poetry is another thing I can’t be without either, I read some every day before I sleep from a different book each month, and this is what I am currently reading…