Straight lines, curves and the state of mind.

Two paintings portraying different states of mind. How much is said without the need of any words sometimes! I was going through a life changing period when I painted these. A mix of certainty and doubts.

Oil on canvas.



Music, Beethoven and emotions.

Oil–90cms x 50 cms

The muse behind this painting – Beethoven’s quote:

“Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend.”

I was asked to do a modern painting on music, other than that I was allowed to express it any way I wanted. The black rectangles represent perspective (even metaphorically)  but also the piano keys. Today everything is being done digitally but the very best of music was composed on this wonderful instrument, it just had to be there in some form. The figures also represent some of the emotions which music evokes.

Music – Oil



Dynamite, animals and the hard to let go.

Oil – 50 x 30 cms – Commissioned

I’ve always been obsessed with all animals, by their strength and their beauty. By their intuition. I’ve always felt they can read people and that they behave according to those around them. Their purity is overwhelming. Like children’s. 

I have a soft spot for horses and dolphins. They’re so strong yet graceful at the same time.

I find it very hard to separate from each and every painting I paint. It feels as if I’m giving away a part of me. Dynamite was no exception. After 3 weeks of studying him I knew I would miss him. This portrait was commissioned by his owner, Gianni. He’s very proud of his Dynamite, winner of many races.

Dynamite 50 x 30 cms – oil

Fishing boats, diamonds and all kinds of reflections.

Oil – 100x50cms

This is the only painting I have done for myself where I used the colour yellow. For commissioned paintings I paint whatever I’m asked for, but for some strange reason, whenever I paint to express myself, I don’t even think about this colour. In this case I had no choice because I wanted to paint the typical Maltese fishing boat. I wanted to capture some of my most vivid childhood memories in this one. As a child I used to love staring at their magnetic vibrant colours and used to find myself hypnotized by their lulled movement upon entering the harbour. During another reverie of mine, I was thinking that their reflections looked like shapes of fluid coloured diamonds, and then I thought, aren’t these boats as precious as diamonds? For the fishermen and their families, their only means of income. For the people who love fish especially those who can only eat that.

I had to included some seagulls because I love them and they were cause of many other reveries during childhood. The understated birds. The ones that dance when a storm is coming. The survivors.





The passion, the solace and the paintbrush

Here is a commissioned painting I have painted last year. I love seeing happy children so I have a soft spot for this one. My favourite medium is oil and I always use this medium unless otherwise requested. Even though other mediums are getting better, for me nothing replaces the vivacity that oil colours evoke.

kids painting bookreveries.jpg
The passion, the solace and the paintbrush.