8 November 2017

It’s such a wonderful feeling to see my work published! Here it is my second book for children, published by Miller Publishers.

When it comes to painting, my favourite medium is oil but for books I love using watercolours. I loved painting  this one especially the cover below. As for the words, I wrote them for children to read whenever they feel lonely and I do hope they will find comfort in them.

The book was once again kindly sponsored by APS Bank Limited and all profits will go to Victim Support Malta.

It will be available at the National Book Festival, MCC Valletta, from today 8th till the 12th of November and after at main outlets.






First book published.


The Purls ©Jessica Vella

All children are special and indispensable to this world, no matter how different they look or feel. If from the very beginning they believe that its through their uniqueness that they can make a difference, then there is a big chance they will. This is the scope behind my first book ‘Being Different’.  This is also an expression against bullying.

The publication of this book has been made possible with the kind support of APS Bank Limited.

All profits from this book will be donated to the Anti-Bullying department at Victim Support Malta.

Let’s read & help!

Contact: artbyjessicavella@gmail.com

P.S. Check out the other links, and if you love the world of books follow me on @bookreveries !


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