Madame Bovary: the beautiful writing and some curiosities.

As with the majority of the greatest classics this one is not a happy story but it’s one of those I will never forget because of how it’s written. It is mainly the story of young Emma and the consequences she had to face thanks to her lack of control. I’ve posted a review some time ago, here are some curiosities: 📚 The inspiration behind Charles Bovary’s character came from Flaubert’s school friend who later became a doctor. 📚 Flaubert wasn’t really interested in writing an extraordinary story, instead he focused on the writing. 📚 Many praised ‘Madame Bovary’ for the realism but during an obscenity trial it was described as vulgar. 📚 Some said that Emma was in reality a reflection of Flaubert himself but he denied this. He, like Woolf, Joyce and other realists, despised the day-dreaming of romanticism, in fact in this novel he  makes fun of that of Emma’s. 📚 This book was highly acclaimed by James, Proust, Nabokov & Kundera describing it as perfect, grammatically pure & poetic. 📚 It was adapted into similar novels, more than one TV series with different titles, an opera (1951), a satirical graphic novel (Gemma Bovary), and films, latest in 2014…  Basically if you want to experience some real, honest, beautiful writing, this one is for you. Pictured here clockwise 2011, 1959, 1945.


. “Human speech is like a cracked kettle on which we tap crude rhythms for bears to dance to, while we long to make music that will melt the stars.”



Books are beautiful but there is nothing more beautiful in this world than reaching out to others. In solidarity with Syria, Sudan and Italy, prayers for all the victims and the heroes working relentlessly to save lives. Everyone can help by visiting the Red Cross International websites & submitting a donation.


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