Books, writing and chocolate truffles.

Am so happy with today’s finds! From these three here I love Graves the most and will soon write about him and the others, so if you enjoy reading about books and writers, feel free to follow me on my instagram account . You won’t see much about food here but I wanted to share with you a recipe for some yummy chocolate truffles. Perfect to indulge on while reading a great book!


200 gr Raw almonds

200 gr Raw cashew nuts

Pinch of Himalayan salt

Pinch of cinnamon

10 Medjool dates pitted

Dash of water


200 gr melted dark chocolate


Mix all ingredients in a food processor apart from water until well mixed. Pour water very slowly until the mixture forms into a dough. Roll into balls.

Melt the chocolate, bain marie method. Keep the chocolate melting on low heat and roll each ball in the chocolate. (I use a toothpick to make things easier, you can use a fork too). Transfer to parchment paper and freeze until it’s time to enjoy.




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