Cheney, the hard work and the fast life.

Peter Cheney was born on the 22nd of February 1896. At 14 he won a literary competition in a magazine and this encouraged him to keep on writing. Much to his mother’s disappointment at 17 he gave up studying law to start writing satirical works for theatre, something he was really good at but this came to an end when WWI began. In 1915 he enlisted as a volunteer with the British Army but a year later got wounded and whilst recovering he wrote and then published two volumes of poetry. In the 1920s he worked for the Metropolitan Police as a crime investigator, later freelance, and this was of much inspiration for his crime novels, his first one being The Man is Dangerous (1936). Two years later he published The Urgent Hangman (1938). Thanks to the success from these two he stopped working as an investigator and started writing on full-time basis. Cheney used to act out his novels for his secretary to write in shorthand then type. Within 8 years he became very popular, in 1946 alone he sold 1.5 million copies of his books worldwide. His characters were pretty much like their creator, working too hard and living a fast and careless life. He died in 1951 at 55 after he fell into a coma.



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