Words, the amount and the impact.

Halfway through and loving my current read – Salinger’s For Esme with Love and Squalor (and other stories). The title was attractive enough, but I also love Salinger so choosing it from the crazy-high pile of to be read was no hard feat. What’s not easy I think is for authors to choose the title of their books; one wrong or extra word and it could kill it before it is read. Sometimes just one word makes it intriguing enough. These are some of the one-word titles I have and I noticed for most of them the title is the name of a woman… In art there’s a particular character which inspired many artists to paint a one-word title painting bearing her name and that’s Shakespeare’s Ophelia. My favourites are those by John William Waterhouse who painted several beautiful versions of her, this one in 1905.



5 thoughts on “Words, the amount and the impact.”

  1. What a good game. A quick look around my shelves and I can add Marianne, Pamela, Nana, Rebecca. In a distant past where i hadn’t much to do, i’d select a theme for titles and pull out books that matched – i was reminded of this by Miss Mole being in a photo of yours. I have that too and added Eva Trout, dog days etc etc to it. I can’t believe I ever had the time, but it was fun!

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