The Bridge of San Luis Rey, the meaningful and the inspirational.

On the 20th July of 1714, what was considered to be the strongest bridge in all of Peru, collapsed. Five people died that day including a girl and a boy. A monk, Brother Juniper, the only witness of this tragedy, embarks on a journey of discovery. He tries to find out if this was simply an accident or perhaps an intention. For six years he works on this; he interviews those close to all of the five people who died, trying to see if there was a connection of some sort. To see if this was meant to happen because of who they were and what they did in their lives. If there was a spiritual meaning to why tragedies such as this happen. Through him we get to see who the five people were and what they meant to others. He even goes as far as trying mathematical formulas to see how useful to this earth good/bad people are but he still couldn’t find a solid explanation. Still he compiles this and all the information and insights in a book, which is later pronounced as a heresy, and so both the book and its author are burned in the town’s square… beautiful writing, beautiful message and one of the most beautiful last paragraph you can find written in a book. No wonder this won the 1928 Pulitzer Prize for fiction , many mentions, included in top 100 lists of best novels of all time, inspiration behind the book Hiroshima (1946), Cloud Atlas and other tv episodes, movies and three film adaptions, and was even quoted from at world known memorials… 5 Shining Stars. For its message, I highly recommend this. To everyone.



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