Ulysses, the day and its events.

Ulysses, the day and the events.
Published in 1922 (full). Approximately 265000 words divided into 18 episodes, and this to describe the happenings of one single day, the 16th of June 1904. Its name is the Latinized name of Odysseus, the hero of Homer’s epic poem Odyssey. Written by James Joyce, his inspiration came from early childhood after he came across the figure of Odysseus in Adventures of Ulysses (adaption of the Odyssey for children) written by Charles Lamb. He even wrote about the character at school naming it My Favourite Hero.

Many times I read excerpts from it and get distracted by other books but it is now one of my goals for 2016. No matter the controversy and scrutiny of it, it is still worth it.



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