Ada, the forbidden and the overwhelming.

So much to say, not enough space. This book is not for the faint-hearted and definitely not for those who want an easy, light read. The subject itself, incest, is already a carrier of much debate to say the least, and it’s not something I usually want to delve into, but it’s Nabokov’s erratic writing that made this book intriguing for me. This man as an author: a ticking time-bomb. In this book he goes from past, present and future in one paragraph, sometimes he manages to do so in one sentence. If that’s not enough, he continuously slaps your brain with thought-provoking stuff, and this without a break! Nabokov here tells the story of the passionate, forbidden love between Ada and Van, legally listed down as cousins but in reality they are brother and sister. They know this but that doesn’t stop them. They start their relationship when he is 14, she 12 and no matter the forced intervals and the heavy trials this inflicts on their sanity, their love was enough to keep them looking for each other till the very end. Narrated by Van himself with Ada’s help (in their 80s) they will tell you about the shocking, unforgettable story of their undying love, and they will tell you about it with the same passion they always felt for each other… This, understandably, is considered to be Nabokov’s most demanding of novels. It will show you how far the minds the likes of Nabokov’s can go. Prepare yourself to be psychologically challenged/overwhelmed, but oh so very worth it!

Ada bookreveries.jpg
Ada, the forbidden and the overwhelming.

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